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Every professional business has a brand identity. While most people think brand identity is only logo and graphics, the reality is that you get engaged with the sound logo as much as the graphics, if not more.

Jingle and sound tags are the sound of every corporation, a simple engaging jingle can bring lots of users to any business.

You should always remember that the purpose of a jingle is not to convince, but to attract the audience. And keep in mind that whatever business you do, music makes it better.

Custom music for business

Audio tags are one of the most important parts of a company identity. After all these years that we no longer see any sign of Nokia, still, we can recognize its specific ringtone. The iPhone’s ringtone, Skype, McDonald’s, and many other examples show that having an audio identity is as much important as visual identity, no matter what industry you are in.

Many companies spend a lot of money on their jingles. Once your jingle is in your audience’s mind, your brand is in their hearts forever.

We have the art of making a memorable jingle at a reasonable price.

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Music for marketing videos

These days, marketing is more than just having a one-minute video ad and having it played on the local TV channel. Today you need to be everywhere in every different way possible. Videos have a lot of engagement on the internet these days.

The video ads on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram can bring lots of users to your website every day. And it’s not only about ads anymore. Infographic videos, interview videos, and informational videos are only a small part of promotional videos you can make for your company.

But to have an engaging video, you need to have a professional look and sound. Tunitemusic can help you reach this goal. We can provide you with any kind of sound design and music for your videos. No matter what your video is, we are there for you.

We provide you the best music for corporate video, from music for crowdfunding videos to music for real estate videos to background music for talking video.

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By mid-2020, there were more than 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million episodes available on major platforms. You need to sound professional and remember that whatever you do in your podcast or vlog, music makes it better.

The video game can be considered as the new art form of our modern age. The combination of visual, auditory, and touch senses takes us through an interactive journey where we can feel like the first character of a movie or play.

The right music is essential for the success of your social media videos among other factors, whatever you vlog about and however you do it, music makes it better. Tell us about your project and we’ll make it stand out!

A high-quality video production demands professional music and sound design, your video’s soundtrack needs to sound professional in order to attract your audience. We are here to help you reach that goal as fast and as cheaply as possible.

To engage the audience you need a professional-looking and professional sounding video. Something that makes them stop at your ad. It is not an easy task to do that, but we are here to help you reach it.