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Simon Fortune

Simon Fortune is a professional singer, songwriter, performer, and voice-over artist from the UK, based in Estonia. Simon has been a host on Brighton radio station, he has sung on an advert for polo mints as a boy and he received pronunciation on BBC English. He has worked as a composer and performer of English songs in South Korea for several years, and in 2014 he cooperated with Magikid in Shanghai as voice-over artist, singer and song writer.
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Arashk Azizi

Arashk Azizi is an Iranian composer and pianist of classical music, based in Tallinn, Estonia. His compositions always have a narrative storytelling quality, the mythical and epic poetry of ancient Persia and the middle east, in general, is one of the main subjects of his orchestral compositions. Arashk’s music can be categorized within romantic era pieces, but he is also under the influence of classical, modern, soundtrack, and rock music. The narrative quality in his compositions makes them suitable for film music. he also has composed several soundtracks for feature films, short films, series, and TV shows.
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Karina Galicia

Karina Galicia is a Mexican singer, songwriter, and arranger originally from the city of Puebla. Graduated from the Bachelor of Jazz Studies at the Center for Jazz Studies of the Universidad Veracruzana. Her music represents a musical experience that she names “Songbook of the New Millennium”. A balance of soul-jazz, Mexican song, and forceful lyrics. Karina Galicia talks about her context and her surroundings, defies the traditional forms of the author’s song, and leaves a mark that lasts for its rawness, honesty, and beauty. She has participated in different national and international festivals such as the Cantares 2019 CDMX Festival or the Cumbre Tajín Papantla 2019 Festival. Musician selected as part of the Advanced Jazz Performers Workshop organized by CENART and De Quinta Producciones in conjunction with New York All-Stars 2016 and 2018. She is currently in the Composition Workshop of the Society of Authors and Composers.
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Room 667

Room 667 is a newly established studio in Tallinn, Estonia. The professional gear and big recording room make it ideal for any kind of recordings from voice over to vocal and instruments. The quality of the sound is on the highest standards due to both analog and digital mixing and mastering equipments.
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Jen-Shuo Chen

Award-winning Taiwanese composer for film and television. He has participated in several films and TV projects while he studied at UNC School of the Arts as a film composer and music editor. His score for the animation short “Serpendipity” earned him an Award of Excellence in Music from the Southern Shorts Festival. The animation has amassed over 2 million views on Youtube to date. After graduating from UNCSA, he got invited by Chiali studio in Taiwan to work as an in-house TV composer and music editor.


Soundtrack, Sound Design and much more Let's Start!

Soundtrack, Sound Design and much more Let's Start!